Sunday, January 10, 2010

December 09

I hope everyone's Christmas was as nice as ours! We had a lot of fun this year, did a few new things to help with the Christmas spirit and remember what it truly is about and not just getting presents. We gave a box of food to one of our neighbors that dont have anything and the church is helping them out- the look on their faces when we showed up with that food made Christmas! The kids of course had a great time, we drove around listening to music on Christmas Eve looking at everyones lights and saw THE leg lamp off of 'A Christmas Story' sitting in someone's front window!! Made my night- it was HILARIOUS!!! Brynlee really wanted Santa to bring her a Little Pet Shop (which she has played with maybe twice) and a snowboard (as you can see we got a sleigh instead). Caeden wanted the usual trucks and whatnot, he got a big train (I am not sure what Santa was thinking because its one that he cant really take off the track and drive around like a crazy man). Both of them got Leapster 2's because Santa is SICK & TIRED of hearing them fight over Brynlee's Nintendo DS.
My Dad came out for breakfast and that was SO NICE to have him here, tried to convince him to spend Christmas Eve but wasnt too sucessful there. But it was great having him here and the kids absolutely LOVE it when he comes! Caeden is his little buddy for sure!
As you read my previous post the day after Christmas started something I never thought I would endure. Things are in some ways a little easier, but are harder in a lot of ways. I still make sure that I see or call Tracy several times a day, I cant imagine her lonliness, and also the kids. Things wont get easier for them for a long time if ever. Please remember them in your prayers.... that they may feel some comfort.