Monday, March 30, 2009

Me and the Kiddos

This is the crazy bunch I love!!

Our New House!

This is our new house! Now the story of why this is our new house. A year ago April we moved into our 25ft camp trailer with intentions of building a house. We already had spoken with a contractor, had the plans set up, the lot, the whole fifty thousand freaking yards. So it began.....

Trailer life is not what it seems... believe me, I dont know how the HECK anyone can live in a trailer ALL the time, they are a LOT more patient than me. It was crazy, but I am now the worlds BBQ queen I guarantee it! Did you know you can cook pancakes on the BBQ? Well... you can. Our campout the house building time was in my mom and George's back yard- back between the chicken coop and the turkey nest- BTW- there is NOT and more disgusting, fowl smelling, dirty, nasty, poop all over animal than the turkey! They would come up on the deck we built (yes, we built a deck on the trailer) and poop over and over. Those stupid things had more shoes, rocks, plates, trucks, etc thrown at them than I can count and they still kept coming and pooping right in front of the screen door. So this is SOME of what we endured for 9 months of trailer life....

We built a BEAUTFUL house, custom everything, wood work, painting, tile, you name it WE personally did it in this house- to save money was the idea of doing all the work. When we werent at our regular jobs, we were at this house sweating our asses off. Well, to keep the bad part of the story out of this blog, the contractor was unable to keep the price at what was originally agreed upon, he wanted to make a fortune off of our house to pay off all his other chin-deep debt, and we got the crap end of it. So after already moving all of our belongings into this house thinking full steam ahead that this was a no-break deal, we ended up moving back into the camper at the beginning of December. December is cold in Vernal, for those of you not out here.

So we FRANTICALLY found another house, this one was built about 3 blocks from where we had been staying in the trailer all along, down the street from my mom and George's. Was not really excited about where it is located, dont like being too close to family, but it has worked out ok. It's a funny thing about this new house, even with all the work we put into the other one, this one feels like home. Home is where your heart is though!

Just me

Because there are so few pictures of me that actually exist I thought I should post it. Thanks to Sherilee Woodward who was very happily snapping pictures for the clinic website- she got a few good ones. I am actually smiling too! So any of you that want a good laugh or too- check out and watch the slideshow. All of us nurses were getting a kick out of the pics they took that makes us feel like we should be holding our booking plaque number.
So a little about what I do at work seems appropriate for my practice first- blog. I am Dr. Laura Arnolds nurse. I keep track of everything she needs to be doing, and everything our patients need to be doing, medications, treatments, follow-ups, the list goes on and on I am a glorified, licensed babysitter of adults! That is really and truly how I feel most days! There are many days that I love my job- like today when we are all kidding around and having a really good time. We do have a lot of fun here at basin. I dont think there is a better group of nurses and doctors anywhere. However, some of the patient cliental we attrack is mentally draining some days.
I love being a nurse, I love taking care of people and helping them when they are at their weakest (this only applies to some people BTW). To be 100% honest I love the care center the most, if their hours were more compatable with being a mom I would work there. I love the little grandma's and grandpa's that you aqquire, I love helping them when noone else is there for them. I love helping them go to a greater place. Dying is probably the most peaceful experience anyone will ever witness! There are a lot worse things than dying, and I can tell you example after example to prove that!
But for now the clinic is a great place for me. I am moving on bigger and better things as soon as I get my butt in gear and get back to school. Hopefully I wont be in the care center by the time that happens!

Saturday, March 28, 2009