Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Beautiful Brynlee

This is a late post.... go figure, I am a busy gal! It was Bryn's birthday on the 11th and she is SIX!! I can't believe it! Time goes so fast and the older they get, the faster it goes. She wanted cupcakes for her birthday so I made pink frosting and we stuck in a few candles, had Grandma Neen, Angie, and Brynlee's little friend Alexa over. She got a new quilt for her bed, for the infamous "pink and orange" room, tickets to Disney on Ice, and some CD's.
We went to Disney on Ice on Saturday the 14th and it was a lot of fun. Its really not that exciting for the parents, but honestly, it is INCREDIBLE to watch how EXCITED the kids get when the characters come out. I have never seen Caeden so happy as when Mater and Lighting McQueen came onto the ice, and Brynlee when Tinkerbell came out. It made all the money, wet hair from standing in the snow, and screaming of other kids all worth it to see those big smiles on their faces! We had another little birthday party in Heber with Grandpa Ford, he gave Brynlee a boom box (which you will be happy to know Dad that it hasnt been turned off since- she is going to be a Hannah Montana #2 she says) We had ice cream cake that was my favorite part personally! Thank you Dad and Julie for the hard work in making us dinner and having us over! It was a lot of fun and we love you tons!
Brynlee, I love you so much even when I am not showing you. Thank you for being my big girl, I love it when your teacher sends me home notes saying that you are the nicest and smartest girl in class (even though your being nice meant we had lice come home...) Continue being so sweet and loving, I will do my best to be a good mom and I am working on it every day, you have to train me to! I love you with all my heart, Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Brynlee came home with lice today from her dads!! So we went through the fifty step process of shampoo, gel, pull them out, shampoo, on and on. This girl has so much stinking hair it isnt even funny either so their was a TON of lice.... so finally I wrapped her head in Mayo, seran wrap and a Smiths bag and sent her to bed. When she gets up we will start the process all over again......