Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caedens New Hat

So my cute little boy got his first hat.... or the first hat he will wear. Now to my detriment we may never pry it off his head. LOL. Due to the large sums of Disney movies I have purchased over that last few years I have earned so many points and got to pick some prizes from the Disney Movie Club. Since none of the prizes were appealing to me I got both the kids something, and Caeden is a Cars FANATIC so I got him a hat that came with a watch. He is so proud, thinks he is just like his dad....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camping in the Rain!

ItS SuMmEeR!!! Which means LOTS of camping for us!! So this weekend we weathered the storm and headed to the mountain! Monica and the girls came with us, but they were in the tent so when the rain hadn't stopped for 24hours they decided they had enough (which was a good idea because it rained even more after they left and they would have needed oars to move around in the tent) but Monica is a trooper and it was fun while it lasted. During the evenings it was nice- the rain would stop so we could enjoy the campfire and smores! The night Monica and the girls left the battery died to the trailer and while hooking it up to charge we found the propane was leaking! There is NO doubt in my mind that someone was looking out for us because one little spark flying from the fire and there would be no more camper! So we didnt have any heat or power that night, it was acutally fun to kind of rough it. So we will be getting all the broken parts fixed- which you always find the things that need fixed on your first trip. Then we wil be headed back to the mountain!

Rain requires some hot chocolate!
Brynlee doesn't care its pouring rain- she doesnt want to get off her bike!

Brynlee learned how to ride her bike without training wheels two days before we left!

CoOkInG bReAkFaSt

Marshmellow Goatee!

What cute little cookers!

Mischief?? Need I say more?

The Gang! We walked down to the pond by our campsite

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Brynlee graduated from preschool! It makes me so sad to think that she is going into kindergarten, where there are big kids.... it has gone by way to fast!! I am so proud of her, she has come SUCH a long ways with her speech and everything (and talks like she is 18 now). I am very grateful to the wonderful teachers that have helped her at Central Cove! She is growing to be such a beautiful smart girl!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Girls and Frogs??? Who knew?

One of our favorite parts of our new house is our new friends. The neighbors next door have two kids the exact same ages and Bryn and Caeden. Bryn's little friend Raven is helping me to take a little of the girly girl out and put a little rough and tough into Bryn (any of you that dont know Bryn- ALL girl, I mean if its not pink, frilly, princess- no way!) So I was out getting my flower beds ready and I hear screaming- excited screaming, there is a big field behind our house that a little river runs though, and there are frogs- lots of them. Which are fantastic to lay in bed at night and listen to by the way... So Raven and Brynlee caught a frog- something that I never thought Brynlee would touch! They put him in a little bug-catcher jar, which totally cracks me up because every time the frog would move or jump in this jar the girls would scream and drop the jar. Needless to say the frog escaped during the night.... hmmmm..... ??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Best Part

So this morning when we all get up and after getting the ceral in the bowls realize there is no milk. So I put on my hat and sweats and run to the grocery store. Well early in the morning when you walk in and smell the fresh donuts- its like a cardinal sin not to buy a couple. So I bought a couple- which the kids were so excited. As we are eating the donuts Caeden and Brynlee are laughing because Caeden has proceeded to eat the frosting only, and what was left was pitiful.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy's Heart

There in NO greater thing than being a mother. Period. Its the greatest thing us women will ever become. I was going through some pics on my computer and there are a couple pics that I am posting the made my heart flip-flop and wrench because I realized how BIG my kids are getting! Bryn is sitting here and asks me why I am laughing and these pics so I tell her that I am actually sad my kids are so big, so as any innocent child would she states "You better get another baby to put in your belly again then huh?? " ... I am still laughing... if they only knew it wasnt that easy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dentist for Bryn

Brynlee's turn for the dentist!! She was nervous but did a good job- but she has TEN.... yeah TEN.... cavities!! Holy crap!! I almost died! So, because we dont eat a ton of sugar at our house, other than Kool-Aide, I am blaming Grandma. Love you Grandma! We got a new princess pink tooth brush and timer out of the deal though, and that made it all worth it!