Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Pics 2009

First things first..... THANKS STEPHANIE!!!! Your wonderful, you did such an awesome job and I am so PLEASED they turned out so well!! (Even though I never doubted you in the first place).
It has been a few years since we have attempted to do family pics because we dont have the best luck. The kids are not cooperating, Dave is onery and wont smile, etc. This year was great, I love Fall and wanted outside pics so we just took a drive up Dry Fork, pulled over on the side the the road for some of them and got some great pics. Then for the rest of them we went to the top of dry fork in the most beautiful yard I have ever seen! These people had to knock down hundreds of trees to build their house, and its complete forest surrounding their home- so amazing!
You guys be the judge and let me know what you think!
Fairey's 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heber Creeper Birthday

24 years old..... wow is all I have to say, and for those of you thinking "young spring chicken" I am a firm believer that people are as old as the life experiences they have had, and not their biological birthday age. I have met some old people who have the pesonality of a 18 year old, and vice versa. I feel a LOT older than I am, but I have had some experiences that have made me that way. Anyways, my birthday was TERRIFIC, couldnt have asked for a better day, we got up early and headed to Heber to ride the Heber Creeper, which growing up in Wallsburg I have been on the train a few times, but honestly it was better this time. As parents we go places (Like Chucky Cheeses, swimming at the rec center, etc) that I really HATE going, but I cant say that about this trip. It was honestly SO MUCH FUN!! It was so breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL down Provo Canyon, to the point it tears my heart out and makes me so homesick I cant stand it, because face it everyone.... Vernal is not a pretty place to live. The kids LOVED the train, they were so good, I was worried that a 4 hour train ride would result in tragedy. We sat on the outside car, which was a little chilly at moments, but hot chocolate and cider cured that. The ride went all the way down to Vivian Park and then back, what a great view of the canyon and Timpanogas that you dont get to see when driving down. So I got some great pics, so bear with me as I will post most of them. Then after we took the kids to see both of their Great Grandmas, which honestly, I REALLY do think I have the best Grandma's in the WHOLE world!!! We left Brynlee and Caeden at Grandma Allred's in Heber while Dave took me to dinner at Ruby River (YuMmY!) with my best friend of 10 YeArS~~ Chelsea McPhie (I guess Neerings now) and her hubby Kirk. It was really a good time, good company, good food. Couldnt have asked for better! I also would like to post a SpEcIaL thanks not only to Dave who really was so great about making sure I had a good birthday with no stress, but to my Dad. Thanks for letting us stay the night at your house (I promise, no rugs were washed this time, I moved them for Caeden to pee) and thanks for the birthday card that made me cry, and thanks for the new jeans and wallet you bought me... how did you know thats EXACTLY what I wanted?? :) You are the BEST Dad ever, couldnt ask for better, love you more than you'll ever know! Thanks for the Birthday wishes from everyone else!!

The mountain in the middle is Wallsburg- home

This was the actual engine that took us