Monday, March 30, 2009

Just me

Because there are so few pictures of me that actually exist I thought I should post it. Thanks to Sherilee Woodward who was very happily snapping pictures for the clinic website- she got a few good ones. I am actually smiling too! So any of you that want a good laugh or too- check out and watch the slideshow. All of us nurses were getting a kick out of the pics they took that makes us feel like we should be holding our booking plaque number.
So a little about what I do at work seems appropriate for my practice first- blog. I am Dr. Laura Arnolds nurse. I keep track of everything she needs to be doing, and everything our patients need to be doing, medications, treatments, follow-ups, the list goes on and on I am a glorified, licensed babysitter of adults! That is really and truly how I feel most days! There are many days that I love my job- like today when we are all kidding around and having a really good time. We do have a lot of fun here at basin. I dont think there is a better group of nurses and doctors anywhere. However, some of the patient cliental we attrack is mentally draining some days.
I love being a nurse, I love taking care of people and helping them when they are at their weakest (this only applies to some people BTW). To be 100% honest I love the care center the most, if their hours were more compatable with being a mom I would work there. I love the little grandma's and grandpa's that you aqquire, I love helping them when noone else is there for them. I love helping them go to a greater place. Dying is probably the most peaceful experience anyone will ever witness! There are a lot worse things than dying, and I can tell you example after example to prove that!
But for now the clinic is a great place for me. I am moving on bigger and better things as soon as I get my butt in gear and get back to school. Hopefully I wont be in the care center by the time that happens!

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