Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Blues??

Ok Seriously..... who in their RIGHT MiNd would ever choose to MoVe to Vernal??? The sun has not been here in TWO WEEKS and I am HoMiCiDaL, SuIcIdAl and DANGEROUS!!! This inversion really plays on everyone out here, everyone I know is depressed and moody and its killing me. I am usually an upbeat happy person but I want to tell everyone where to go and how they should get there! On top of that life has brought so many challenges lately. Like right now for instance, I have been up since 0500 and have to be up the same time tomorrow but I dont even want to go to bed because I know I will just lay there and think of all the things I should be doing..... aka: homework, laundry, cleaning the house. Stupid!!!
School is going great, super busy. I love all of my instructors except one... and she just happens to be on my bad side and vice versa. I cant catch a breath when she is around... and its making me crazy. Being soft spoken is NOT one of my finer virtues, and I just have to think in my head "Let it go.... Let it go...." I am about ready to blow people! My clinicals have been AWESOME! There are seriously so many great nurses out here that are willing to show me anything I want to see, I have got to do things that I will most likely never get to do again!
My adorable kids are really taking the blunt end of me being a beast lately. Poor Brynlee was begging me all night to just help her practice the piano and I just kept putting her off and putting her off until it was time for bed. I really hate being like that... its not their fault that I am overloaded and a crazy physcopath right now.... so why am I like that? Caeden has had pink eye this week... that is so not fun, I have to SIT on him to get drops in his eyes... when I become a professor I seriously am going to invent another treatment other than drops for pink eye. They are both doing good in school, Caeden has really stuggled with me going back to school. I am off on Mondays and take him to preschool and its a crying disaster every time because he doesnt want to leave his mommy. :( Sad I know.... I feel horrible.
Please pray for eveyone in Haiti! When I start feeling sorry for myself I think of people like that, or like my neighbors down the street who we have been giving food too because they have none, it really makes me grateful for what I do have. Life is so tough on everyone right now, everyone's challenges are alike and different in the same breath. Help your neighbors and those of you living in Vernal right now reading this...... lets get a possy together and go tanning!!!! Fake sun baby- a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!
What I am grateful for


  1. Want to go to a beach somewhere, and do nothing but soak up the sun? That is all I can seem to think about these days. Luv ya!

  2. I hate winter too! Your are super woman doing work, school, and the family life! We are blessing baby the 7th so hope to see you guys then!