Monday, April 27, 2009

Caedens 1st Dentist Visit

Ok... first let me confess that when the mothers that bring their screaming, kicking, out of control children into the clinic and I get kicked in the process of shots, strep screens, stitches, or whatever.... I HATE these moms and wonder why the heck they don't get control of their children..... well I have been humbled today. Caeden's top two front teeth have been chipping off and I have been concerned because I don't want them to get rotten with no enamel there. We brush our teeth every day (if you call sucking off all the toothpaste brushing teeth) and he doesn't eat a lot of sugar, but i was still worried. My poor son also got my genes of his bottom teeth over-lapping his top and the HORRIBLE habit (that i still do...) of grinding my teeth while sleeping. So I am concerned enough that I decided to submit him to the dentist. BAD IDEA. He was SO not letting that dude look at HIS teeth, and he told him that- "These my teeth!" So after me holding him down for what seemed like an eternity, they cant do anything until the big teeth come in.... so all the trauma for nothing! But we did score a new toothbrush and timer!! Yay!!

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  1. I totally know what you are talking about. Zaralyn reacts just about as good at the dentist as Cayden did. Aern't two year olds fun?