Monday, May 11, 2009

Girls and Frogs??? Who knew?

One of our favorite parts of our new house is our new friends. The neighbors next door have two kids the exact same ages and Bryn and Caeden. Bryn's little friend Raven is helping me to take a little of the girly girl out and put a little rough and tough into Bryn (any of you that dont know Bryn- ALL girl, I mean if its not pink, frilly, princess- no way!) So I was out getting my flower beds ready and I hear screaming- excited screaming, there is a big field behind our house that a little river runs though, and there are frogs- lots of them. Which are fantastic to lay in bed at night and listen to by the way... So Raven and Brynlee caught a frog- something that I never thought Brynlee would touch! They put him in a little bug-catcher jar, which totally cracks me up because every time the frog would move or jump in this jar the girls would scream and drop the jar. Needless to say the frog escaped during the night.... hmmmm..... ??

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  1. That is so stinkin cute! I can't believe she even had anything to do with a frog. Must be a good friend to get her to do that. Cute!