Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy!!!

Tracy, Ken and their five dogs :)
Caeden and Dad and Bryn on Grandpa's 4Wheeler
* mY BoYs *


*HeRe* FiShY* FiShY*

We went camping this last weekend with one of my dearest friends Tracy and her hubby and grandson Carson. We found a great campsite at Dyer Park, where the fishing was "supposed" to be terrific. However, I think that my kids really and truly scared all the fish away. Caeden has been dying to go "fishin" and it was so cute, he had his little pole and was trying his hardest.... but no fishy's. So we settled for playing in the dirt and riding the 4-wheeler. We went on a 6 hour long, HARD, RoCkY ride, and Caeden fell ASLEEP!!! I was barley able to hold onto my four wheeler as it tried to rock and roll and tip, and he was sleeping.... typical male I think. LOL. We borrowed Grandpa Ford's 4-wheeler and Caeden was NOT riding any other four wheeler.... just HIS Papa's!! Brynlee had a great time too... Saturday morning I was cleaning up breakfast and went out to see what they were up to because it was awfully quiet.... and they were gone. I have NEVER EVER in my WHOLE life been so scared! I yelled and screamed and ran from one end of camp to the other and couldnt find them. We were camped by a creek that is fast so I REALLY was freaking out.... we jumped on the 4-wheeler and hauled butt from one end of camp to the creek to the hills and could NOT find the kids.... by this time I was sobbing expecting to find a drowned body... Dave went back up a little ravine to check again and found them both. After I got myself back together Brynlee decided it was better that she always tell me where they are going.... I think her seeing me so upset worked better than any scolding could have done. All is well, everyone made it through... now if they survive the week we will be heading back up next weekend.... and this time.... we WILL catch a fish!


  1. Oh i would have been scared to death! Little turkeys!! Glad you had a good time camping!

  2. Oh Ash! That would have been aweful. I am so sorry that they snuck off, but it sounds like you had a good time other wise. We'll have to get together soon. Love you and glad your kiddos are safe.