Friday, December 18, 2009


Sorry there havent been any posts forever, in our money saving ways we have canceled our internet because I can use it at work when I need to. So sorry that the last blog is from Halloween, soon we will be back up and running at our house and I will post pics and whatnot. I start the RN program on the 4th of Jan, which means that I am done at the clinic, the 23rd is my last day. I am bittersweet about it, there have been so many things going on down there lately that there are things I am glad to be leaving, but I will miss my friends, doctor, and some of the patients. So back to the care center I go...... not sure how I feel about that either. What is it about this time of year that is so STRESSFUL, DEPRESSING, and CHAOTIC?!? Shouldnt we be grateful for what we have and enjoy the holidays?? It seems that each year gets worse, I want to just pack up and leave and forget the whole damn thing. So anyways, I know I need to change my attitude but things are just not quite where I want them to be. But off to the program I go and know that even though I will be twice and busy and stressed that at the end of July I will be a better person, make more money, and have a more versatile job that I will be able to find where I belong in the nursing world. I am really considering going on to PA school instead of Nurse Practicioner... so we'll see where I end up. Hope you all have a great Christmas and I will post as soon as I can.

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