Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slacker what?!?

Have I been a blog slacker or WHAT??? Sorry guys.... life has been turned upside down and inside out the last few months. So here is a quick update.... I went to Mexico the first weekend of April, was a BlAsT!! It was the first time I have been anywhere other than the surrounding states so it was a totally new experience for me. The cruise was great, its really a nice way to travel, meals and everything are taken care of and its pretty relaxed. Got a nice suntan (which was the only thing I really wanted to do) I wish I would have taken more pics and more money, its amazing to me how much cheaper stuff is down there, it was FANTASTIC to get some of my hard earned tax money back tho by bargaining down prices ;) I got some good deals!
School first semester has ended and second semester has begun!!! Yay- that means HALF WAY OVER!!! I have to keep telling myself that I can finish this and everything will be ok, for those of you who know what else is going on in my life you will know what I mean. Daily pep talks are all that is getting me through right now. On top of school and being a mom (which I have really been slacking at lately) I am working like a mad woman back full time at the Care Center, which I love the job itself, I just wish I were doing more important things like being a mom and doing more schoolwork. So everyone just say a little prayer for me that I can make it until August 10th and not have a complete breakdown and end up in the crazy house ;)
Sorry about not having much to say just thought I would put a quickie in here. Hope everyone out there is doing well and have a fun summer!! Hopefully I have another blog before then!

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