Thursday, May 20, 2010


Do you ever wish you could buy motivation in a cup??? Seriously I am thinking about inventing it with a patent!!

So I have seriously been down in the dumps lately, between going to school on Tuesdays and Wednsdays and working Thurday-Sunday life is a LOT blah for me right now. So I have come up with this every morning discussion that I have with myself....

1. I cant change the past... ever. Period. So let it go already

2. Make today a AWESOME day... even if its only good for a few hours

3. Do something for me every day (lately its sitting at the bar at night by myself eating oreo's and milk and enjoying a whole row if I want)

4. Quit letting OtHeR PeOpLe dictate my mood- dont let others get to me

5. Always keep in the back of my mind the little people that I am working so hard to provide for and that they WILL be okay and things will work out at God wants them to....

6. Keep my goals in sight- right now that might be only getting through today, but its a goal!

7. Forget the dishes and laundry, they will be there later when you have time

8. Focus on what I DO have and not what I DONT

Thanks to all my friends and family out there who I NEVER get to see and talk to- I promise there will be a time that we get to reunite when my life calms down. I PROMISE. Right now my SwEeT kids are getting all my spare time..... because they are all I have.


  1. Hi Ashley, I often look at your blog through Shanna's just to see how you are doing and see pictures of your sweet kids, I feel bad you are going through a rough time right now, everytime I am going through something myself I always think of something someone has told me that helps, which is "you are never given more than you can handle" sometimes it's hard but you always come out stronger for going through it. sorry, hope I don't sound preachy, good luck and keep the faith.

  2. Hey Ash, totally love your guts! Keep going, your priorities are right in order, and things will work out. And if they don't thats okay too. Cry it out, and go on. Love you!