Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In as much as summer is almost over, we decided to go camping overnight..... in a tent. Any of you who know me know that I have been spoiled and had a trailer for the last few years so this has not been my way of camping for a while. So I loaded everything up and we went to the mountain!! Had a great time, got rained on a little bit but it was really great and just what we all needed. On Monday we went fishing and Bryn caught her first fish...... that was SO EXCITING! She was screaming because she couldnt reel it in but it was super fun to watch. Neither of these children can be mine though because neither of them would touch the fish... I will have to work on that I guess. Hope everyone is having a good summer! Only two more weeks of school for me! Yee Haw!!

Could they be any cuter?

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  1. Your children are adorable! I honestly thought I was looking at a picture of you when you were six when I saw your daughter!!! We need to get together and catch up!