Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to Spirit Lake

Well June was a complete disaster at our house! I left for two weeks to go to Provo for my RN clinicals, but on a good note I will be done in FOUR WEEKS!!!! YAY!!!!
The day I got home (after having SERIOUS withdrawals from my children) I loaded them up and took them to Spirit Lake, which if any of you know anything about me I have spent many summers up there working and it is where my heart belongs for sure. It was so great to take my kids up there and to be in the mountains! We went for a hike around the lake and I got lots of good pics. We saw four moose and a bear (which I couldnt get my zoom in enough for a clear pic- sorry) We stopped and made a fire and roasted a hot dog, marshmellows of course and made a rope swing and just hung out for the day. It was great! I miss being up there so much!

I know he will kill me when he is older but its so cute to see him be a big boy and pee outside.... I just could not help myself!
Bull Moose- Hickerson Park
Cow and Calf Moose- Hickerson Park
Spirit Lake :)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Hope your all enjoying your summer!

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  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find you again! I keep forgetting to ask you what your blog address is! I want to take my kids back there so badly! We went once last year, but it's definitely time to go again! Cute pictures!