Sunday, July 26, 2009

*24th of July!!*

Me and my buddy!!!

Look at those cute boys!!

Now THATS a dirty bum!! He he

The boys and their trucks!

Coming in out of the rain for a min.

Yes.... More CaMpInG!!! We moved to a new campspot which is really nice, secluded, not many other campers around- it was so nice and ReLaXiNg!! We went on a 4-wheeler ride down the the Little Brush Creek caves, which were so awesome! Caeden kept saying it was the "monster's house" which he was probably right! :) We went with friends and had a little picnic and the whole nine yards, was really great! It rained really hard on Sat afternoon and after that Caeden was playing in the mud with Carson and boy did they get DIRTY!! Boys and their toys! We 99% of the time just sat around camp and enjoyed ourselves! Nothing better than camping!!
(And Bryn was at her Dads so thats why no pics of her :( )

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