Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Caeden!!

My little boy turned 3! I cant believe it... time flies! We celebrated with cake that I made!!!! (It was actually easier than I thought it would be!!) However I had the tractors placed on the cake and Dave proceeded to come in and tell me they were doing the 'wrong jobs' and he moved them around so they were in working order.... seriously??? Caeden LOVED his cake- he didn't even eat a piece of it... once the tractors came off that's all he wanted to do with it.... silly boy. We got him a John Deere green wagon, and a shirt with a tractor on it. Grandpa Ford came out (which is always the best part) and gave Caeden two cap guns, a rifle and pistol (I still have the caps I am holding onto until he goes to stay with Grandpa for a day or two) and he gave him a John Deere hat that I am STILL arguing it off Caedens head for a bath and to go to bed every night. Kaleb and Shaylee and Grandma Jill got him a big wheel tractor and Grandma Fairey and Aunt Monica gave him $5 and a gumball machine... which I am considering using as potty training bribery. It was a great day... lots of fun for Caeden... he seriously is still singing Happy Birthday to Me!!

Also an exciting week because Caeden started a new Daycare called Little Doo Dahs (yes, it is a cowboy theme... so cute!!) The babysitter we have had all summer has gone back to high school so that meant change again! However I took Caeden down on Monday to "get a feel" for this daycare so Tues morning when I had to go to work it wasn't a total emotional breakdown... and he LOVES it!! We are calling it "school" instead of daycare so I think that helps. He seriously was out of the seat belt and opening the door before I even had the car in park this morning he was so excited to go. Which made me so HaPpY!! It was bittersweet though because when your kids dont cry because your leaving and they actually WANT you to go.... its sad, almost more sad than when you leave them crying. I posted a picture of his guitar that they made today... and it was SO SWEET, I asked him to sing me a song on his guitar and he sang me the "Bob the builder... can we fix it? Bob the builder, YES WE CAN!!!" Please catch on that we are Bob fans and John Deere fans at our house!!!
Thanks to everyone for the GrEaT birthday!! Thanks Dad ~aka~ Grandpa Ford for coming all the way out, we wished you lived closer! We LOVE you lots!!!!

The birthday gifts!!
What ~*~CuTe~*~ kids!!

Hows that for a homemade cake?? Watch out Betty Crocker!

Me and My Grandpa!!The RIFLE!!! YAY!


  1. I love the cake!!! SO CUTE! His smile with the rifle is priceless...you have such cute kids!

  2. OH my goodness! I can't believe that he's 3 either but then I can hardly believe that Madi is almost 4! The time really does go by so fast. It looks like he had such a fun birthday! He is going to be so big the next time we see him.
    You did a really good job on the cake it's so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness Caden is THREE! Time flies. I can't believe it has been three years since I came to visit you the day you brought him home from the hospital. He is so cute! I was kinda surprised though because if he is three that means that Zaralyn is going to be three in like a month and wow not ready for that. We are getting old. :0)

  4. Happy Birthday Caden! I can't believe he is three! The cake looks awesome! Hope Vernal life is going well!