Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge (Just late)

I recieved the 30 day Facebook challenge, but decided to do it on blogger instead :) And like anything else in my life lately- I am late getting started :)
Day 1: Recent pic and 15 facts about me
1: I am a hospice nurse and I love it, who would have thought and ANYONE could actually ENJOY helping people die?? Its so spiritual and I love being there for people at that time in their life.
2: I have been married and divorced- not once- but twice :( (But got two wonderful children out of the deal so its okay)
3: I am scared beyond belief to get married again, or to let people get too close to my heart
4: I LOVE to scrapbook but dont have enough time for it
5: I love everything about Fall, the colors, scents, feeling in the air, but hate that winter follows it.
6: My favorite holiday is Halloween!!
7: One day I will have my own ranch with horses
8: My favorite snack (other than anything chocolate) is Kettle corn and I have mastered cooking it!!!
9: I LOVE camping, I could quit my job and live on the mountain all summer
10: Cleaning is what I do to relax
11: I love to sit in the bath tub and read until the water gets too cold
12: I love bra's/underwear ( I know this is nuts but some women buy shoes/purses- I love cute underwear. I dont know what I will ever do when I have to wear garments)
13: I love to save money, I love to shop sales, yard sales, discount stores to find a good buy- its like a game sometimes to find the best bang for your buck!
14: I am a very social person, but also like my "time outs"
15: I want nothing more in life right now then to be a better mother, nurse, friend and companion and this is something I work on every day!!
(This was really hard to sit here and think of random 15 facts about myself ;P)


  1. I love you to death Ash!! I look forward to reading your 30 Day challenge. I <3 ya friend. You are the best :)

  2. Cleaning helps me relax too. I have always said I do my best cleaning when i am totally pissed off at someone/something. But after I get it all done, I've usually calmed down. :)