Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: Pictures of you and your friends
(Sorry Nichole I searched through all my computer files and dont have one of you and I :( If I had a scanner boy I would have lots of them tho!! Love you friend and I had good intentions!)
Chelsea McPhie- my best friend growing up :) This pic is Vegas in 2008
Tina McCarley, Christy Bortz and I with the kiddos 2007
Brookie and me at my RN graduation 2010

Christy Ainsworth at RN graduation (she is going to be a mommy finally!! YAY!)
Dr. Laura Arnold and her husband Wes- they have been such good friend of mine for years now and I am so sad they are moving :(

To all of you other friends of mine, let this be a lesson that we should take more pics together!! But whether I have pics on here of you or not, (you know who you are) I still have the BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD and you have all helped me get through some trials in my life and I love you all!!!

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  1. Thats okay Ash, I think the last picture that we took together was High School Graduation?? I guess that just means that we need to get together more and take more pictures when we do. <3 ya friend