Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 7

Okay I am getting off track and its only going to get worse because I am going on vacation :( So for you faithful readers of mine... I am sorry but we are going to do that at my "30" day pace!! :)

Day 7: Pic of somone/something that has had the biggest influence on my life.

My kids have had such a impact of my life.... but they do every mothers life, and not to mention I blog about my kids all the time... so I am going to change it up a little. Most of you know about Boyd already..... we are getting married at some point later this year :) There are SO SO SO many things that have influenced me so greatly in my life: my parents, my nursing career, so many leaders, friends and family. However, the last year of my life has been MOSTLY influenced by this man.
He is SO wonderful.... not only did I give up on love, after everything I have been through I REFUSED to get married again.... ever..... until I met him! A little history into this for those of you I havent talked to.... I have known Boyd for 6 years at Gold Cross, never paid too much attention to him... we have had some rough calls together like a 6 year old that was killed and some others that we talked about but other than that.. nothing! We started talking a little bit last year after David had moved out and I found out he was also getting divorced and its all history after that.
He is the most CARING and WONDERFUL man I have ever known!!! He is so wonderful to help me around the house.. and lets face it girls.... a man that cooks, cleans and helps with the kids- IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! I am HOLDING on tight to this one!!! He treats me like a queen and not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I am beautiful and he loves me..... what a dream come true for me!!
So he has really changed my way of thinking the last year, and it hasnt been easy for him because I have resisted in being serious and even getting engaged or married, it was really hard for me to let someone in my heart again.... and its still hard but he keeps PATIENTLY chipping away at me every day.....


  1. Awe, Friend, I love this post!! I feel like this is the first time ever that you are actually in LOVE. Seriously I can just tell that you are so happy, and that he is so good to you. <3 you friend. So glad that you found a good man.

  2. How sweet! I am happy for you, you deserve it! Love on the kiddos for me!