Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 10

Day 10- Music I listen to in my many moods
I LOVE this day because I LOVE music, my IPod is ALWAYS going, I plug it in my car and there is not a minute of the day I am not singing to something usually. My favorite person of all time and HEART throb for YEARS is good ol' George Strait!! There is no other singing who has music that can make my day like him!! Every song of his is catchy and I love it!! I am a big time country fan, always have been and always will be- country is easy to sing to which is what I love about it. I know people say that with country your always loosing your woman, man, dog, friends, etc etc but.... doesn't it go along with life? I love that there is a song that goes along with everyone's life story :)
Seriously.... is there a better looking man out there?? (sigh**)
Michael Buble- LOVE him also!! When I am in a fun and bubbly mood I like to listen to his music, or even when I am having a crappy day because it makes me happy :) His song "I just haven't met you yet" I first heard right about the time Dave and I seperated and it seriously was played a million times and helped get me through that point in my life.

Taylor.... well what can I say? I didn't care for her at first but she is growing on me :) The best thing about her is that Bryn and I sing her together which is fun
Okay.. this is so opposite of most of the music I listen to- but Nickelback is my FAVORITE rock band- have been for years!! They are my "I freaking hate everybody, I am pissed as hell, leave me the hell alone" music. When David and I would fight I would pop this in my little sporty Chevy Cobalt SS and seriously- drive 120mph with the windows down and this blaring up the mountian, not caring whether I crashed or not.... It's been a long time since I have been that mad that I have listened to them like that.... but there was just something about this particular track that helped get out my frustration by blaring and speeding.
Music is such a part of our lives, everyone has a song I believe.... some of us just dont have all the lyrics written yet. :)

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