Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 8

Day 8- Short term goals for the month and why?
Wow.... hadn't really thought about this one. I have a few things I have been internally working on in my own little brain, this trip to Boston was at the PERFECT timing because I really needed time to clear my head and think about my life, future, relationships, jobs, etc. It seems like I have been on a rollercoaster for the last year that hasn't stopped and even though I have unloaded a few things on the way (RN school graduation being a big one). I have been overwhelmed and headed for a nuclear meltdown.... so I guess my short term goals have been:
1) Find myself
2) PATIENCE- with my kids especially
3) I need to let things "roll-off" my back more and not get so upset- the bull s*&^ that happens at work has really been getting to me and I have almost quit a few times. Also all the crap that people say about me "not going to church" or "my new relationship status" or just whatever- which leads to my next goal.....
4) Find something positive to think of every day that makes me feel better, I have been doing this whenever I get down or have a crappy day or people at work make me mad (although one good thing about home care is I drive alot so I can crank Nickelback and that always helps too) this actually works!!!
There are so many goals that I can think of I should have... but right now I am focusing on being a better me for me..... and I am a much happier person and it reflects in my job and my family. Life is wonderful and TOO SHORT to be not happy!!!!!

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