Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 6

Day 6- Five favorite TV shows
Well... being that I have not even has cable/satellite for 2 years.... I have not been watching any TV. So I will tell you my favorite shows from before.
1- I DO LoVe LoVe LOVE House!!! He is hilarious and we have all the DVD sets and watch them nightly before bed :)
2- ER- I know its not even playing anymore but it was always one of my favorite shows
3- Scrubs (Anyone notice a trend)
4- Everybody Loves Raymond
5- King of Queens
Sorry I am so boring but I usually am too busy to watch TV so movies are more frequent. Hope everyone is enjoying this WONDERFUL weather I am LOVING it- took down the Christmas lights, washed out the garage, been bike riding.... can't wait for summer!!

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